Weekly Bloom Report

Early March 2017

Fragrant Viburnum

The latter half of February brought unseasonably warm days and gave us an early glimpse of our springtime blooms. We head into March with early flowering bulbs promising a wonderful spring.
Winter aconite (Eranthus hyemalis) was the first to surface, with bright yellow drifts brightening the landscape around the Tubbs House and surrounding gardens. Crocuses (Crocus) and snow drops (Galandthus nivalis) emerged later and added lavender and white accents. Throughout the rockery, there are hidden treasures such as Persian violet (Cyclamen hederifolium) waiting to be discovered.


October's Glorious Palette

Despite the worries of hurricanes, the weather forecast this week (10.5.16) and the weekend is just about perfect, warm in the sun, cool breeze and still so many plants in bloom in the gardens. And remember, the Arboretum is open from 8 am to dusk daily, so lots of time for a ramble through the gardens or hike in the meadows.

Willowwood Arboretum's new Plant Record Specialist and Plant Curator. Barrett Wilson, has suggestions for the next week or so:


September at Willowwood

Willowwood Arboretum is just gorgeous at this time of year. The gardens, particularly the Rosarie and the Cottage Gardens are filled with blooms and riotous greenery. While rain has been scarce, the gardeners have been watering and with cooler nights and warm sunny days, visitors can enjoy these beautifully planted and arranged areas. And the meadows are in bloom as well for those who wish to take a short hike towards Bamboo Brook (which now has a cell phone tour as well!).


Summertime at Willowwood

Summer is a beautiful time at Willowwood as Sara reports below. The Cottage Garden is in full bloom, The Rosarie is just lovely on a hot summer day (look for the door to nowhere) and definitely plan to sit on the back porch and look at Pan's Garden. Early morning or evening is a great time to walk on the meadow paths as it is approaching full bloom. Sara is returning to England so this is her last report. But look for new reports on the Willowwood Gardens towards the end of summer.


June 10: Blooms at Willowwood

There is much in bloom here at Willowwood this week: in the Rosarie, several varieties of clematis, roses, white baptisia, luminously yellow evening primroses, and oakleaf hydrangea. In the Cottage Garden: hardy geraniums, white foxgloves, spotted deadnettle, lady’s mantle, poppies and cornflowers.


Blooming in the Gardens 5.27.16

May has been a spectacular month at Willowwood, and there is so much in bloom here now that a short report will hardly do it justice: you will simply have to come and see the gardens for yourself!


Now Bloomin' May 21st

After all this rain, which we needed, the weathermen are predicting some sun on Saturday and more on Sunday afternoon. With lots warmer temps headed our way mid to end next week. The rain has helped nourish the Spring flowers in the gardens (the tulips and daffodils are finished) and the lilacs and other flowering trees are in bloom. The wisteria on the arbors is almost at peak. Summer plantings are peaking out in the Cottage Garden. May is one of the most beautiful months at Willowwood, so come visit!


Dogwoods and early Lilacs in Bloom 4.30.16

The weather may have turned a bit cooler lately, but that hasn’t deterred the plants here at Willowwood, where spring is really at its peak. Redbuds and dogwoods are blooming; look for them near the entrance gate and along the woodland edge, visible across the meadows as you drive in. Crabapples have joined the chorus, and some of the later cherries and magnolias are still holding on to their flowers. Another stellar woody plant at its best now is Burkwood Viburnum, Viburnum x burkwoodii, which can be found growing near the Tubbs House.


Spring Bloomin' 4.15.16

The weather forecast for this weekend looks wonderful, so plan a stroll or walk through the Willowwood Arboretum

Mornings at Willowwood have been filled with the lively sounds of bird chatter, and night time temperatures here seem to be finally inching higher. Daffodils, magnolias, forsythias and cherries continue to put on a cheerful show throughout the arboretum, and the addition of tulip flowers opening has really made it look like spring.


Bloom report 'Magnolias' 3.31.16


Lots of daffodils still in bloom but Magnolias and Cherry trees have started blooming this week at Willowwood, and are putting on an elegant display in shades of pink, white and cream.

As you drive through the entrance gates, look for Magnolia x loebneri ‘Willowwood’ immediately on the right, with its densely petaled white flowers.