Weekly Bloom Report

Now Bloomin' May 21st

After all this rain, which we needed, the weathermen are predicting some sun on Saturday and more on Sunday afternoon. With lots warmer temps headed our way mid to end next week. The rain has helped nourish the Spring flowers in the gardens (the tulips and daffodils are finished) and the lilacs and other flowering trees are in bloom. The wisteria on the arbors is almost at peak. Summer plantings are peaking out in the Cottage Garden. May is one of the most beautiful months at Willowwood, so come visit!


Dogwoods and early Lilacs in Bloom 4.30.16

The weather may have turned a bit cooler lately, but that hasn’t deterred the plants here at Willowwood, where spring is really at its peak. Redbuds and dogwoods are blooming; look for them near the entrance gate and along the woodland edge, visible across the meadows as you drive in. Crabapples have joined the chorus, and some of the later cherries and magnolias are still holding on to their flowers. Another stellar woody plant at its best now is Burkwood Viburnum, Viburnum x burkwoodii, which can be found growing near the Tubbs House.


Spring Bloomin' 4.15.16

The weather forecast for this weekend looks wonderful, so plan a stroll or walk through the Willowwood Arboretum

Mornings at Willowwood have been filled with the lively sounds of bird chatter, and night time temperatures here seem to be finally inching higher. Daffodils, magnolias, forsythias and cherries continue to put on a cheerful show throughout the arboretum, and the addition of tulip flowers opening has really made it look like spring.


Bloom report 'Magnolias' 3.31.16


Lots of daffodils still in bloom but Magnolias and Cherry trees have started blooming this week at Willowwood, and are putting on an elegant display in shades of pink, white and cream.

As you drive through the entrance gates, look for Magnolia x loebneri ‘Willowwood’ immediately on the right, with its densely petaled white flowers.


Daffodils Arrive! March 17, 2016

The very first daffodil blooms have been spotted this week at Willowwood! They are just starting to make a cheerful and very welcome show in the Alfalfa Field along the drive and in the Winter Garden. Keep watching over the next weeks as more and more varieties appear.


Spring! March 2016

Spring is on its way to Willowwood! Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) and snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are out in full force now, especially in the Cottage Garden and the Rockery. The Cottage Garden looks as though it is covered in a bright yellow carpet: winter aconite has naturalized beautifully there. Crocuses are just beginning to make an appearance; a few have just opened on the lower slope of the Rockery.


Witch Hazels Flowering - January 2016

Sara Perzley of the Parks Commission writes (and sends the beautiful pictures):


Early Winter Highlights -- December 2015

w. 'Winter Gold'

The official start of winter is only a few weeks away. Willowwood is entering a quieter season, but there are still highlights in the gardens and surrounding landscape to notice and enjoy on your next visit.


October 2015 Bloom Report

There is a Fall Open House scheduled for Sunday October 4, 2015 from Noon to 4 pm with garden tours and the Tubbs House is open --- but if you can't visit then, come any day to the Arboretum 8 am to dusk and enjoy these beautiful gardens.


Spring is really here and blooming! May 8, 2015

Willowwood is just about to hit peak spring bloom!
The Cherries, Crabapples, Magnolias and Serviceberries are all in bloom.
Many of the flowering shrubs such as Viburnums, Daphnes and Azaleas are in flower. Enjoy the beauty of the flowers but don’t forget to check out their scent.
The wooded trails are filled with blue Ajuga and the tiny light pink flowers are Claytonia virginica (Spring Beauty).