Weekly Bloom Report

Sun and Blooms at Willowwood April 10

I am sure if you are looking out the window you would think that Spring is never going to arrive. But the weather forecasters say the weekend is going to be warmer and SUNNY. So if you are in the mood for a walk, Willowwood has started to look like Spring.


Spring is arriving at Willowwood 3.30.15

Despite the cold there are some wonderful signs that Spring is on its way at Willowwood:

Bright yellow winter aconite is brightening up the Cottage Garden and some Chionodoxa lucilea (Glory–of-the-Snow)in bloom by the Conservatory.


Winter at Willowwood

One would think that Willowwood, so very beautiful Spring through Fall, is not the place to visit during Winter. Yet, on quietly still days, without the bustle of winds or bitter chill, there are birders, walkers, hikers, photographers and others who enjoy the solitude of the day. Various animals who normally hide within the woods are now visible against the snow. There are many ornamental trees and shrubs with attractive bark and berries that add shades of color and attract birds. Come visit, you will be surprised at what you will see...


October Bloom Report

It is mid October and the gardens are still in bloom thanks to a lack of frost! Hopefully we’ll get a week or two more before Mother Nature gets the upper hand.

In the Cottage garden the Nipponanthemum nipponicum (Nippon Daisy), Aconitum (Monkshood), pink Japanese Anemones, New England Asters and Trycirtis (Toad Lily) are still blooming. We’ve just completed an extension on two of the beds and hope that our fall planting will lead to vigorous growth next spring!


September Bloom at Willowwood

The weather forecast for the next couple of weeks looks just perfect for a late summer visit to the Willowwood Arboretum gardens.

And even though summer is coming to an end the gardens and meadows are still full of color at Willowwood!

As you drive in the meadows have now been taken over by the yellow flowered Solidago (Goldenrod).
Native asters are just coming into bloom in the meadows – nice combination with the goldenrod (blue and gold). Take a walk through the meadows – enjoy the view from the Stiles observation platform!


Summer Bloom Report, August 2014

Here are some garden highlights for August.
The meadows are showing lots of color with native Monarda, Ironweed, Joe-pye weed and Goldenrod in bloom.
The Cottage Garden and Rosarie are full of color and are attracting the hummingbirds.
The Willowwood Horticulture Staff is just starting an expansion of the Cottage garden so visitors can see the process involved in creating a new garden area.


Willowwood Bloom Report May 12, 2014

As the warm weather arrives this week, now is the time to visit Willowwood.

Believe it or not, there are still daffodils in bloom. The bright yellow Lois, Elizabeth and Golden Sun Magnolias (near the field parking areas on both sides of the drive) are in full bloom and are just exquisite.

The first early Lilacs are just beginning their bloom. We are about two weeks late due to Mother Nature this year, so we expected the Lilac Bloom season to be starting peak a bit later this month - but we will keep you advised!


Getting ready for Mother's Day!

May 8, 2014: We’re happy to report that with the upcoming warm spell we expect to have some lilacs in bloom by Mothers Day.

Spring has really sprung at Willowwood!


Willowwood's Cherries after the Rain!

5/1/14 The weekend's Bloom Report

After yesterday's terrible rain and the generally poor weather this past week, we are delighted to let you know that The Cherries survived the rain! So with the great forecast for the next few days, we have extended the deadline for entries for the WW Fdn. Cherry Photo Contest to Sunday May 4th.


Blooming Cherries at Willowwood Arboretum

4/23/14 Hi, cherries are now in full bloom and barring bad weather - should be in great form now through the weekend. Trees are throughout the property but many are towards the lilac walk.

If you plan on participating in the Willowwood Foundation Photo Contest - all entries must be emailed (multiple emails ok but max 3 jpegs per email) by May 1st.

Photos must be taken at Willowwood - either this year or last year - and you may choose to have photo only of cherry tree/flowers etc. or have them in the background of another scene at Willowwood.