Bloom Report 6.29.18

As the heat settles in here at Willowwood, be sure to stop by our vibrant ‘hot’ garden in front of the greenhouse. It is full of dark, black foliaged plants such as Lagerstoemia ‘Red Hot’ and various black sweet potato vines. It also has interesting textures from the fuzzy, sharp Solanum quitoense and vibrant flowers such as the Dahlia ‘Fascination’ and red flowering Canna. It is a bold annual display so be sure to see it during this season as it will change next year!

The other gardens are thriving from the wet spring we have had. In Pan’s Garden, behind the Tubbs house, the Astilbe ‘Deutschland’ is in full bloom. Notice how the graceful white flowers zigzag through the center of the garden and gently rustle in the breeze. Feel free to stop and sit on the back porch to enjoy the relaxing white and green garden.

White flowers are also on display in other nearby gardens. The two Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ are in full bloom outside the propagation greenhouse and the last of the lilacs to flower, our tree lilacs (Syringa reticulata) are still showcasing pale white flowers in the grassy lilac area.

The Cottage Garden (in front of the Tubbs House) is the most colorful garden now as the roses, poppies, and summer perennials are flowering. One native perennial, bee balm, is flowering in mass and attracting pollinators such as hummingbirds. Our bright red variety is Monarda didyma ‘Gardenview Scarlet’. One of my new favorites in the cottage garden is a poppy called Papaver somniferum var. ‘Pink Dawn’. It is stunning with its delicate shades of soft pink and lavender petals on silvery foliage.

Finally, we highly recommend that guests take time to visit the Rosarie behind the wooden barn. Staff have spent many days re-planting the garden and adding in new Mediterranean plants. This includes a large grouping of Agave, mostly Agave Americana. In addition, there are colorful Geranium, Salvia, Dracaena, and succulents such as Senecio, Echeveria, and Aeonium. Be sure to go early in the morning before it gets hot and take time to look at the many plants growing there.