Blooming 6.7.19

The summer weather and blooms have arrived at Willowwood! Throughout the gardens, the flower beds are full of yellow flowers in such bold hues that one can nearly forget the pastel shades that filled the garden just a few weeks ago. Some of those flowers include Baptisia sphaerocarpa ‘Screamin’ Yellow’ in the Rosarie and Thermopsis villosa in the Cottage Garden, which have tall spikes of bright yellow flowers.
The roses in the Cottage Garden are also in bloom. Most of the roses in this garden are Rosa 'Marie Pavie', a white double rose originally hybridized in 1888. Guests have a great spot to sit and enjoy a view of those blooms on a bench near the Deutzia. The Deutzia ‘Pink-a-boo’ is putting on a beautiful display with a proliferation of dark pink blossoms on long, curving stems. There are other varieties in bloom throughout the arboretum, such as the ‘Deutzia scabra ‘Candidissima’ behind the Rosarie. Be sure to wander up there since Willowwood’s new Agave collection is on display in the Rosarie with other interesting succulents and cacti for the summer season.
Nearby, in the Orchard and the Rockery, guests can admire the blossoms on the Cornus kousa. One unusual kousa dogwood is Cornus kousa ‘Wolf Eyes’. This cultivar has attractive variegated leaves, which blend wonderfully with the prolific pale white flowers.
One of the joys of gardening is admiring the beauty of season. Even though the spring flowers have faded, summer brings with it a new, fresh display that we welcome with open arms.

Blooming 6.7.2019