Bloomin' 8.29.19

Late summer is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the fullness of the gardens. The perennials throughout the grounds are large and lush.

Blooming 6.7.19

The summer weather and blooms have arrived at Willowwood! Throughout the gardens, the flower beds are full of yellow flowers in such bold hues that one can nearly forget the pastel shades that filled the garden just a few weeks ago. Some of those flowers include Baptisia sphaerocarpa ‘Screamin’ Yellow’ in the Rosarie and Thermopsis villosa in the Cottage Garden, which have tall spikes of bright yellow flowers.

Lilacs + Lots more in Bloom 5.24.19

The lilac season is still underway at Willowwood! The late-blooming lilacs, such as Preston Lilac (Syringa x prestoniae), Henry Lilac (Syringa x henryi) and Yunnan Lilac (Syringa yunnanensis), are just starting to bloom and should peak this upcoming week. Many of the mid-season lilacs still have fragrant blooms as well so it is a pleasure to walk among them in Highland Park. Another plant we are anxiously awaiting to bloom, are the peonies, which have just begun to flower.

Bloom Report May 10, 2019

(Mother Nature willing!) Many of our spring favorites will be in bloom just in time for Mother’s Day! Our wisteria arbor between the barns and in the Cottage Garden alongside the propagation greenhouse will be peaking this weekend. The arbors are covered in Japanese Wisteria (Wisteria floribunda) which has gorgeous violet blooms. We also have a white-flowering Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis ‘Alba) on the arbor in Pan’s Garden.

Viburnums & Lilacs 4.25.19

Sunday, April 28, The Willowwood Foundation in partnership with the MCPC hosts the 5th annual Tubbs Lecture featuring well know speaker Vincent Simeone on ‘Versatile Viburnums’. This weekend we are fortunate to have a beautiful garden full of Spring blooms including our Viburnum carlesii and Viburnum farerri ‘Candissimum’. Tickets are still available at $30 each. Call 973 326 7601 to reserve. Starts at 1 pm in the Stone Barn at Willowwood and ends with a walk through the gardens. Wear sturdy shoes.

First Spring blooms 4.11.19

The Willowwood Arboretum is enchanting in the Spring. Over the last few weeks, we have been watching the ephemerals bloom and bask in the sunshine as the days have gotten longer; an assortment of birds have been singing and heralding warmer weather throughout the gardens; and, our gardeners are more cheerful as we begin to prepare the garden beds for spring displays. This week in particular, it seems that everything has sprung to life in the garden! Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a new flower, fresh from its bud.

Late Summer Blooms 9.21.18

Willowwood’s annuals are still putting on a show for the finale of the growing season!
If you need some cheery colors to brighten your day, you can visit the Rosarie to see the Cosmos sulphureus. These bright naturalizing annuals put on a gorgeous display of bright oranges and yellows. The cottage garden also has some late-season yellow blooms. The Senna alata have bright yellow candlestick shaped flowers. These plants are hard to miss at nearly eight feet tall but be sure to look up through the foliage to admire the fresh blooms!

September 2018 blooms

Autumn is in the air! Today we heard the first rustling of dry leaves as our Gleditsia are losing their leaves already and blowing in the breeze. Summer always seems to fly by but at least the gardens are still lush with summer blooming flowers.

Bloom Report 6.29.18

As the heat settles in here at Willowwood, be sure to stop by our vibrant ‘hot’ garden in front of the greenhouse. It is full of dark, black foliaged plants such as Lagerstoemia ‘Red Hot’ and various black sweet potato vines. It also has interesting textures from the fuzzy, sharp Solanum quitoense and vibrant flowers such as the Dahlia ‘Fascination’ and red flowering Canna. It is a bold annual display so be sure to see it during this season as it will change next year!

Blooming 5/18/18

Willowwood is beginning to burst with lush foliage and colorful flowers from the plentiful rains the last few weeks. Visitors this week will see the Wisteria floribunda in peak bloom growing on rustic arbors throughout the gardens. The cottage garden is also beginning its display of alliums, cheerfully busting from the ground in explosions of color. The large purple orbs currently in bloom are Allium ‘Sensation’. These flowers in the onion family are a favorite!


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