Autumn Welcome

How is it possible that 2021’s spring and summer have come and gone? Despite lingering Covid 19 concerns, we are happily welcoming the nascent signs of autumn at Willowwood. 

I am so grateful that the Arboretum continues to provide the public with such a beautiful and comforting oasis as Willowwood and my appreciation extends to the dedicated staff of the Morris County Parks Commission. They always go above and beyond expectations to keep Willowwood looking its best.

On the staff front, there’s some very exciting news. I am delighted to announce that Bruce Crawford, past Director of Rutgers Gardens and current State Program Leader in Public and Home Horticulture with Rutgers Cooperative Extension, has joined the Morris County Park Commission as Manager of Horticulture. Bruce is a familiar face in the gardening community and we look forward to his leadership and expertise moving into the fall and winter months and as planning begins anew for 2022. 

In closing, for those who cannot visit on a regular basis, enjoy the latest BLOOM report and follow the Arboretum on Instagram. The regular pictorial updates are so inspiring! And as always the Foundation Board of Trustees thanks you for following Covid protocols when visiting in person and for continuing to support garden restoration and development at the Arboretum.

With best wishes for a safe and happy fall season,
Meryl Carmel, President

Last modified on April 18th, 2023 at 4:30 pm