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  • News About Willowwood’s Gardens – 10/28/22

    -- Posted 10/28/2022 by Webmaster --
    Bruce Crawford, Manager of Horticulture MCPC Gardener Watering a Flower Garden At Willowwood, the summer of 2022 will be best remembered in one word – watering!  The long stretch of dry and warm weather necessitated watering recently added plant accessions. Surprisingly, numerous well-established plants showed stress and required irrigation.  Thankfully, the rains returned and our plants and ...
  • Bloom Report – 10/28/22

    -- Posted 10/28/2022 by Webmaster --
    With Halloween just around the corner this Monday, this weekend kicks off the festivities for families throughout the state. While no festive events are scheduled at the arboretum this weekend, visitors are encouraged to come visit to enjoy the orange leaves, natural spider webs, and enjoy the trails while covered in early morning fog for ...
  • Tubbs Lecture – April 23, 2023

    -- Posted 10/20/2022 by Webmaster --
    Tom Molnar will provide an overview of the Rutgers University dogwood breeding program from its start in the late 1960s to today including the development of “hybrid” dogwoods by plant breeder Dr. Elwin Orton to the new color breakthrough yielding the dark pink Cornus kousa ‘Rutpink’ Scarlet Fire® dogwood. He will also provide a glimpse ...
  • Message from Meryl – Oct. 18, 2022

    -- Posted 10/18/2022 by Webmaster --
    Dear Friends, Autumn leaves are swirling and we have reached another lovely FALL season at Willowwood. And while members of the Willowwood Foundation Board of Trustees are already busy planning for a spectacular SPRING, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge some “changing of the guard.” We thank trustees Peter Williams and Margo Dana ...
  • Message from Meryl – 6/29/22

    -- Posted 07/01/2022 by Webmaster --
    Summer 2022 is here in all its glory and change is in the air. I am pleased to announce that the Willowwood Foundation Board has recently added a new trustee, Olga Christie of Far Hills. Olga is an accomplished gardener and photographer. Native plants, trees, and shrubs reign supreme in her home garden and her ...
  • News About the Gardens at Willowwood Arboretum

    -- Posted 06/27/2022 by Webmaster --
    Bruce Crawford, Manager of Horticulture MCPC Spring 2022 was a great season for plants at Willowwood!  It provided great growing conditions for the shrubs, trees and meadows to flourish and prepared the arboretum for the long sunny days of summer.  This spring also saw the installation of numerous new plantings and of course, the summer display ...
  • Bloom Report – June 21, 2022

    -- Posted 06/27/2022 by Webmaster --
    “It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”  — Maud Hart Lovelace Today marks the official beginning of summer, the Summer Solstice. Now that the warmer weather is here to stay for the next few months, the riot of spring blossoms have faded and the gardens ...
  • Lilacs

    -- Posted 05/23/2022 by Webmaster --
    Thanks to the Long Valley Garden Club for the lovely lilac photographs taken at the Willowwood Arboretum.
  • Tubbs Lecture – 4/24/22

    -- Posted 04/26/2022 by Webmaster --
    The 6th Annual Tubbs Lecture at Willowwood Arboretum was held this past Sunday, April 24, 2022, in memory of Henry and Robert Tubbs. Guest speaker, Jack Alexander, held the position of Plant Propagator for 40 years at Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum. He shared his expertise in growing Lilacs and gave a guided walk through the ...
  • Bloom Report 4.26.22

    -- Posted 04/26/2022 by Webmaster --
    “I sought the wood in summer When every twig was green; The rudest boughs were tender, And buds were pink between. Light-fingered aspens trembled In fitful sun and shade, And daffodils were golden In every starry glade. The brook sang like a robin- My hand could check him where The lissome maiden willows Shook out their yellow hair” -Excerpt of ‘I Sought the Wood in Winter’ by ...