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  • Board Changes – September 2019

    -- Posted 09/27/2019 by Webmaster --
    In the Fall, 2019 newsletter we remembered the Life and years of service of Willowwood Foundation Trustee, Becky Terry, Library Committee Chair and Lilac Party Co-Chair with Anne Peterson. Our May 2019 Lilac Party’s success was due to the shared hard work of both Becky and Anne especially in selecting the plants for our annual ...
  • Bloomin’ 8.29.19

    -- Posted 08/29/2019 by Webmaster --
    Late summer is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the fullness of the gardens. The perennials throughout the grounds are large and lush. With only six or seven weeks until our first frost, now is a perfect time to enjoy the Rosarie, full of many cold-sensitive plants. Some interesting annuals are the Giant Castor Bean, ...
  • Emerald Ash Borer

    -- Posted 03/22/2019 by Webmaster --
    D-shaped exit hole of EAB adults. © DAvid R. McKay, USDA APHIS PPQ, Since its discovery in Michigan in 2002, the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis or EAB) has destroyed hundreds of millions of ash trees throughout the United States. This invasive insect is native to Asia and attacks all species of ash (Fraxinus) as well ...
  • 2018 Lilac Party in Black River Journal

    -- Posted 08/12/2018 by Webmaster --
    The Summer 2018 issue of The Black River Journal featured our Spring 2018 Lilac Party, with several pictures including this one of our trustees: (from left to right: Dan Will, Kate Burke Walsh, Leslie Allain, Peter Williams, Alice Cutler, Meryl Carmel, Brace Krag, President, WW Foundation, Pam Jeanes, Margo Dana and Jason Andris)
  • Blooming 5/18/18

    -- Posted 05/18/2018 by Webmaster --
    Willowwood is beginning to burst with lush foliage and colorful flowers from the plentiful rains the last few weeks. Visitors this week will see the Wisteria floribunda in peak bloom growing on rustic arbors throughout the gardens. The cottage garden is also beginning its display of alliums, cheerfully busting from the ground in explosions of ...
  • Blooms on Mothers Day 5.13.18

    -- Posted 05/13/2018 by Webmaster --
    Prunus serrulata cv ‘Asagi’ It may not be a bright sunny day but Mother’s Day and May is very special at the Willowwood Arboretum.Mother Nature has been very capricious this Spring but we are delighted to have the vibrant redbuds, tulips, azaleas, the first Lilacs of the season, the lovely purple wisteria and the wonderful rare ...
  • 4th Annual Tubbs Lecture: Sunday, April 29th, 2018 1:30 pm

    -- Posted 03/23/2018 by Webmaster --
    Speaker Dr. Alan Armitage The Willowwood Foundation in partnership with the Morris County Park Commission is delighted to present the 4th Annual Tubbs Lecturer, Dr. Allan Armitage, on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 1:30 pm at the Stone Barn, Willowwood Arboretum. Tickets now available at $30 each. Call 973-326-7601 for registration. Attendees will experience Dr. Armitage’s sharp wit ...
  • Early Fall, September 29, 2017

    -- Posted 09/29/2017 by Webmaster --
    Yes, the weather forecast is for cooler (Fallish) weather this weekend but it will warm up a bit again and the gardens at the Willowwood Arboretum are in full, late summer bloom – just lush and gorgeous! Plan a visit before first frost and stroll through the gardens or hike one of the trails through ...
  • Hikers, Trail walkers – Look at this article 9.11.17

    -- Posted 09/11/2017 by Webmaster --
    If you like to walk the trails and/or hike around Willowwood and Bamboo Brook, late summer and into late fall with the changing foliage and blooming meadows is a perfect time. This article “When you could in Jersey — and touch Africa” by Michele S. Byers, Executive Director of New Jersey Conservation Foundation, on our News ...
  • When you could in New Jersey – and Touch Africa

    -- Posted 09/11/2017 by Webmaster --
    Michele S. Byers, Executive Director of New Jersey Conservation Foundation Published Daily Record Sept. 11, 2017 Thirty years ago, the King of Morocco made headlines when he bought the Natirar estate in Peapack-Gladstone, now a Somerset County park. King Hassan II may not have known, but there’s an ancient connection between his homeland and the Highlands ...