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  • Spring is arriving at Willowwood 3.30.15

    -- Posted 03/28/2015 by Webmaster --
    Despite the cold there are some wonderful signs that Spring is on its way at Willowwood: Bright yellow winter aconite is brightening up the Cottage Garden and some Chionodoxa lucilea (Glory–of-the-Snow)in bloom by the Conservatory. The Hamamelis (Witchhazel or sometimes called ‘winter bloom’) are in bloom! You can find two of these very fragrant shrubs across ...
  • Winter at Willowwood

    -- Posted 01/08/2015 by Webmaster --
    One would think that Willowwood, so very beautiful Spring through Fall, is not the place to visit during Winter. Yet, on quietly still days, without the bustle of winds or bitter chill, there are birders, walkers, hikers, photographers and others who enjoy the solitude of the day. Various animals who normally hide within ...
  • October Bloom Report

    -- Posted 10/14/2014 by Webmaster --
    It is mid October and the gardens are still in bloom thanks to a lack of frost! Hopefully we’ll get a week or two more before Mother Nature gets the upper hand. In the Cottage garden the Nipponanthemum nipponicum (Nippon Daisy), Aconitum (Monkshood), pink Japanese Anemones, New England Asters and Trycirtis (Toad Lily) are still ...
  • Christie Administration Celebrates NJ’s Public Gardens & Arboreta

    -- Posted 09/18/2014 by Webmaster --
    Agriculture Secretary Encourages Garden Visits, Fall Planting NJ Ag. Secy. Fisher (l) & John Morse, MCPC Mgr of Hort. (CHESTER 9.17.14) – New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas H. Fisher today visited Willowwood Arboretum in Chester and encouraged public garden and arboretum visits this fall. He also reminded residents and visitors that fall is a great time ...
  • Anne’s Travels Blog

    -- Posted 09/11/2014 by Webmaster --
    Anne’s Travels is a blog chronicling her travels all over the US. Her articles are descriptive and include nice photos. We are happy she visited the Willowwood Arboretum earlier this year and liked what she saw. See her article here:
  • September Bloom at Willowwood

    -- Posted 09/08/2014 by Webmaster --
    The weather forecast for the next couple of weeks looks just perfect for a late summer visit to the Willowwood Arboretum gardens. And even though summer is coming to an end the gardens and meadows are still full of color at Willowwood! As you drive in the meadows have now been taken over by the yellow flowered ...
  • Summer Bloom Report, August 2014

    -- Posted 08/12/2014 by Webmaster --
    Here are some garden highlights for August. The meadows are showing lots of color with native Monarda, Ironweed, Joe-pye weed and Goldenrod in bloom. The Cottage Garden and Rosarie are full of color and are attracting the hummingbirds. The Willowwood Horticulture Staff is just starting an expansion of the Cottage garden so visitors can see the process involved ...
  • 2014 “Cherry” Photo Contest Winners Announced

    -- Posted 06/30/2014 by Webmaster --
    The 2014 Photo Contest topic was “Willowwood’s Cherries”. There are many varieties of cherries at Willowwood (see list under garden information). One of which is one of Willowwood’s most unusual cherries: Prunus serrulata ‘Asagi’. Each spring visitors marvel at its curious apple-green flowers. Winning Finalist photos are shown on the Photo page of ...
  • A Tale of Two Settings

    -- Posted 06/16/2014 by Webmaster --
    Black River Journal, June, 2014 Kate & Joe’s special evening was “breathtaking,” as they and their families celebrated their rehearsal dinner at Willowwood Arboretum. Read the article in Black River Journal by clicking here.
  • Outdoor Beauty

    -- Posted 05/16/2014 by Webmaster --
    NJ Bride – Spring, 2014 Katie Reimer and Michael Nahoum chose the Willowwood Arboretum for their June 22, 2013 wedding, focusing on the beauty of the Arboretum. Read the article from New Jersey Bride by clicking here.