June 10: Blooms at Willowwood

Rhododendron calendulaceum

There is much in bloom here at Willowwood this week: in the Rosarie, several varieties of clematis, roses, white baptisia, luminously yellow evening primroses, and oakleaf hydrangea. In the Cottage Garden: hardy geraniums, white foxgloves, spotted deadnettle, lady’s mantle, poppies and cornflowers.
However, despite the abundance of blooms, June is really a month to celebrate the color green. Everywhere, leaves have filled out and transitioned from early-season coloring (often lighter yellow-green or reddish) to mature hues. Deep, satisfying tones of green surround us, and seem to quench a thirst that has built up during the drabber months of the year.
Plants whose interest is primarily from their foliage, like hostas, tiarellas and ferns, are looking spectacular now. Their leaves and fronds are fully grown, yet bright and fresh, still largely unblemished by the inevitable wear and tear that comes with living.
Taking a walk through Willowood’s woodland trails this time of year is a great way to get an intense dose of green that is both energizing and calming. The trails through the Bee Meadow are also lovely now, and will give you an excellent view of the curiously fluffy, popcorn-like catalpa flowers in bloom alongside the path.

Last modified on April 18th, 2023 at 4:30 pm