Board Changes – September 2019

In the Fall, 2019 newsletter we remembered the Life and years of service of Willowwood Foundation Trustee, Becky Terry, Library Committee Chair and Lilac Party Co-Chair with Anne Peterson. Our May 2019 Lilac Party’s success was due to the shared hard work of both Becky and Anne especially in selecting the plants for our annual fundraising event’s plant auction.

Becky’s board service began over 10 years ago but her passion for gardens, design and the natural world dated from her early childhood. Becky was a Lady.  She rarely ever missed a meeting. She never complained, always smiled and always found the positive in any situation.  We are blessed for having her help. Our plans to memorialize Becky are still in their infancy but will be forthcoming.

We wish also to thank George Rochat who leaves the Board after 3 terms. George joined the Board because of his friendship with Becky and her late husband John. His comments and contributions about Willowwood and its gardens were always interesting, on point and immensely helpful.

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