Getting ready for Mother’s Day!

May 8, 2014: We’re happy to report that with the upcoming warm spell we expect to have some lilacs in bloom by Mothers Day.

Spring has really sprung at Willowwood!

The Crabapples and Viburnums throughout the gardens and collections look and smell wonderful. Many spring flowering perennials such as Epimediums, Bleeding Hearts and Primroses are flowering. If you walk the trails to the Pasture Hillside or through Monarda Meadow you’ll see lots of small,pink Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginiana) in bloom.
Willowwood’s late blooming daffodils are still gorgeous, flowering trees including the Magnolias and Spring flowers are also still in bloom including some beautiful tulips just starting!

Spring has been later than usual so the LILACS are just beginning but warm weather is promised for the weekend through next week so maybe you might catch a whiff of their wonderful scent!

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