September Bloom at Willowwood

The weather forecast for the next couple of weeks looks just perfect for a late summer visit to the Willowwood Arboretum gardens.

And even though summer is coming to an end the gardens and meadows are still full of color at Willowwood!

As you drive in the meadows have now been taken over by the yellow flowered Solidago (Goldenrod).
Native asters are just coming into bloom in the meadows – nice combination with the goldenrod (blue and gold). Take a walk through the meadows – enjoy the view from the Stiles observation platform!

When you approach the arbor by the barns you’ll see the white blooms of Nicotiana sylvestris on the right. They remind me of fireworks!

Check out the colorful bed to the left of the glass house. The large leaf plant is an Ensete, the tall plant with the red spiky seed pods is Ricinus communis ( Castor bean).

In the Rosarie there is a large pot of Begonia grandis (Hardy begonia) at the entrance that has a lot of interest. Further along the path you’ll see the orange Tithonia (Mexican sunflower) on the right. The tall Brugmansia (Angels trumpet) on the left is about to open some new blooms. The yellow zinnias that border the path are ‘Profusion Yellow’. The annual grass with the pink flowers is Melinus nerviglumis ‘Savannah’.

The colorful annual displays in the Cottage Garden, Rosarie, and around the Stone Barn are now at their peak. Come see them! Now is the time! Should be enjoyable until frost. Highlights in the Cottage Garden include the pink Anemone by the gate, the large flowered Hibiscus moscheutos ‘Lord Baltimore’ and the Dolichos lab lab (Hyacinth bean vine) that is rambling over the arbor.

The bed on the east side of the Shingle Barn (outside restroom) has just been replanted with meadow plants, many of which we grew ourselves from seed. Watch this space in 2015!

Information provided by John Morse, Willowwood Arboretum Manager of Horticulture and Judy Schaible, Asst Superintendent of Horticulture

And mark your calendar: Autumn Open House on Sunday October 5 from Noon to 4 pm!

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