October Bloom Report

It is mid October and the gardens are still in bloom thanks to a lack of frost! Hopefully we’ll get a week or two more before Mother Nature gets the upper hand.

In the Cottage garden the Nipponanthemum nipponicum (Nippon Daisy), Aconitum (Monkshood), pink Japanese Anemones, New England Asters and Trycirtis (Toad Lily) are still blooming. We’ve just completed an extension on two of the beds and hope that our fall planting will lead to vigorous growth next spring!

On your way to the Conservatory check out the reddish purple color on the Witchhazel along the left side of the paved drive just past the barn. Once you are inside the Conservatory you’ll detect the scent of Osmanthus fragrans (Fragrant Olive).

To the left of the Conservatory, in the Rockery, you’ll find Cyclamen hederifolium and Trycirtis latifolia still in bloom.

The Rosarie is still a riot of color with the annuals still in flower as well as the fall blooming perennials.

If you take a stroll down the Woodwalk you’ll still see the blue berries on the Symplocos paniculata (Sapphireberry) .

In the meadows the grasses are changing every day from reddish brown to their winter tan. On frosty mornings they really glisten in the sun.

Throughout the arboretum the start of fall color is upon us. The maples, dogwoods and viburnums are in full display.

As Fall ends and Winter begins, there are paths to walk and hike. When the snow comes, cross country skiing is another way to view the plantings and winter bark (see our ornamental walk information) and see some of the birds and animals who call Willowwood “home”.

The cell phone tour is scheduled to end at end October and will begin again in Spring.

Last modified on April 18th, 2023 at 4:30 pm