Winter at Willowwood

One would think that Willowwood, so very beautiful Spring through Fall, is not the place to visit during Winter. Yet, on quietly still days, without the bustle of winds or bitter chill, there are birders, walkers, hikers, photographers and others who enjoy the solitude of the day. Various animals who normally hide within the woods are now visible against the snow. There are many ornamental trees and shrubs with attractive bark and berries that add shades of color and attract birds. Come visit, you will be surprised at what you will see…
And come March, when the warmth of the sun is stronger, feel the colorful joy of the pansies in the greenhouse; watch the green shoots of the winter aconite, crocus and the daffodils start to pop up. Look at the lovely cupped flowers of the hellebores near the Tubbs House.

Last modified on April 18th, 2023 at 4:30 pm